Thursday, January 3, 2013

We Love To Cut Glass/ Mirror Ovals and Circles!

Let us demonstrate....

First you get what you need. A flecther glass cutter tool, hand glass cutter, foam board and a piece of glass or mirror large enough to cut with 1 inch margin around.

Set the glass cutter and score.
Remove the glass cutter. Turn glass upside down. Press along score with your thumb. As you press score of glass gets deeper. Keep going till its deeper all around. Turn glass over again.

Use a fletcher hand cutter and make three to four scores which start 1/8 inch from the circle or oval and run completely off the glass.

Carefully break out the radial cuts using pliers. The scrap glass will seperate from the oval or circle.
There you have it a perfect oval or circle using this process. If you need these shapes give us a call! For small ovals and circles the price is approximately $10 to $15. For medium $15 to $25 for large $25 to $35. Depending on the kind of glass or mirror.