Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Needle Point

Yes we frame needlepoints. One of our patrons brought in a few needlepoints the other day. Here is some of her work. I love the saying that is written on this needlepoint on the left. "Life is not measured by the breaths you take. But by the moments that take your breath ~ Away~. Do you?

Hard At Work...

As you can see Bob and I are hard at work doing our best to provide our patrons with quality work. The reason why I'm holding a hammer is because one process in framing is attaching a hanger on the back of the frame. There are all kinds of hangers; wire, large zig zags, small zig zags etc. I'm hammering a small zigzag metal hanger on the back of this frame using a nail puncher and a hammer. But before you just hammer a metal hanger on the back you need to find the exact center of the frame. You can do this by measuring the length of the side of the frame you are attaching the zig zag than you divide that measurement in half. If you like fractions you would like this. Mark your center with a pencil. Place the hanger centered with the pencil mark then mark holes with an awl. This allows the picture to hang straight on the wall. If you do not center the hanger the picture will hang crooked. Just a little tip for you in case you want to put your own hanger on the back of your own frame. You can also see Bob hard at work brushing a glass for a picture frame. It is important that the glass is clean on both sides with no dust or particles so any picture will be seen clearly through the glass. So when was the last time you dusted the outside of the glass hanging on your wall? It's a good idea to do this so people can enjoy the beauty of your picture or photo.