Monday, August 16, 2010

Bob At Work...

In the pictures posted Bob is cutting versamount, a material used to permanently mount pictures and other things to a foam board. After he cuts the versamount it is placed between the picture and the board and placed in a hot press. We have to be careful about what temperature and how long we put something in the hot press. Mounting like this prevents any buckaling that could occurr to a picture framed over time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Graduates! Did You Get Your Diploma Framed Yet!!!

Just thought I'd share a picture of a diploma I did recently. It's a triple mat with stripes on the bottom left corner showing the school colors...

About Glass...

Hammer Handle

Glass Score Handle

Handle Lift

Material Rest

Glass Cutter
There are all kinds of glass; museum glass, conservation clear, premium clear, conservation reflection control, lite glass ect... I guess you have the idea that frameshops don't just have only one kind of glass. Museum glass is used for protecting valued diplomas or irreplaceable artwork against damaging UV light. (The glass is so invisible it's sometimes hard to believe glass is even over the artwork.) It's the most expensive glass. Conservation clear has UV light protection, but it is not reflection free. Premium clear glass works well in a controlled lighting enviroment. It only has 45% UV light protection. It is the highest quality regular glass available. Conservation reflection control glass has a matte finish that minimizes unwanted glare. It also has UV light protection. Lite glass has very little UV protection. It is regular ordinary glass. (I tried to take pictures to show you the difference in the glass but my camera isn't good enough.

Glass usually has to be cut. In a frameshop we use a wall glass cutting system. Ours is a fletcher 3000 unit. Its great! You put the glass on the material rest. Next you lock the glass in with the handle lift. Then the glass is scored with the score handle. After this the hammer handle is used to snap the cut piece of glass. You can see the pictures showing the process.