Monday, August 19, 2013

Here's the Supply list for Maggie Leiby's Class!

Oil Painting


Maggie Leiby


Supply List: 2013

You can also call Maggie Leiby directly her contact information is below.

Palette Colors:  Recommended Brands:  Gamblin, Windsor- Newton, Holbein, or Rembrandt (Always, buy Artist Grade, not Student Grade paints)  Winton is a student grade – very poor mixing quality

  Alizarin Crimson

  Cadmium Yellow Light

  Cadmium Orange

  Cadmium Red Light (Rembrandt the best)

  Cadmium Red Medium

  Permanent Green (optional)

  French Ultramarine Blue

  Indian Yellow

  Phthalo Blue

*Permanent Rose (optional)

  Viridian or Phthalo Green

  Cobalt Violet

  Titanium White (Permalba) is a good choice, as it is buttery

   Ivory Black or Chromatic Black (Gamblin) my favorite makes beautiful blues

 *Burnt Sienna, handy to have, but we can mix

   Raw Sienna

   Raw Umber

*Ultramarine Violet


 * = Optional Colors


Bristle Filbert  brushes such as, Silver Grand Prix, Princeton, or Isabey.  Sizes: 0, 1, 2, 4, 6 (or you may bring what you have)

1-Soft Mongoose hair brush about ½”- 1” wide.  Bob Ross brand available at Michaels or AC Moore

Canvas, Canvas Board or Panel

11 x 14 or bigger, or whatever you have or feel comfortable working on.  I think it is easier to paint larger than smaller.   8 x10 or 9 x 12 is good for plein air painting (on location)

Canvas Pad (tablet) 9 x 12, handy size for practice or demonstration. (Optional)  

 Palette:  Wooden, or  I use Plexiglas.  You may purchase a Plexiglas palette from me.   Cost:  $10.00

Use only Odorless Thinner, i.e., Turpanoid (blue can), or Gamsol (Gamblin)

Paper Towels – preferred brand – Viva

Liquin medium Windsor- Newton or Galkyd Lite (Gamblin)

Palette Knife

Palette Cups – 2 medium, one small (optional)

 Please Note: You are not required to have all these items to start.  Gradually, you can build up your supplies


Recommended web sites to order on line:,

Maggie Leiby (215) 918-0739 (H)   215-514-1841 ©                .     

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